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The Barrows Brothers were a group of six mythical warriors who defeated Morytania throughout the God Wars, but many players know about them because of their epic armor sets. In RuneScape, they can be found in six burial mounds right alongside the Sanguinesti area of Morytania, where players can snore the tombs and combat ghostly versions of their brothers. In this OSRS Barrows Guide, you will discover how to effectively complete this minigame.

Complete Barrows Guide for OSRS

Barrows brothers struck quite hard and frequently, with Karil and Dharok being the very volatile. That is the reason why prayer is utilized during almost the majority…

An individual can have lots of reasons to level up as speedily as you can in Old School RuneScape. There might be a money-making method that is accessible at higher rates and you would like to reach the huge bucks quicker. Or perhaps it’s sheer competitiveness and need for greatness. Whatever your reasoning is, we’ve made this brief manual to give you a sense about quick battle leveling methods, and should you would like to enhance and buy things you will find sites that market osrs gold that are ideal for individuals that wish to put money into the game.


Today, I am going to share with you the best way to earn real money from playing our favorite game, RuneScape, or more specifically the Old School version of the game.

Some say that gold farming is not that profitable compared to other money-making methods available in OSRS. However, with hundreds of ways to earn gold in Old School RuneScape, it would be wrong not to try it out.

You also have to consider that gold is the most valuable thing in the game and it has various uses. You can sell OSRS gold online easily and earn a quick…

Whether you’re trying RuneScape out for the first time or are coming back from a long hiatus to play OSRS again, we’re here to help you get a good start in playing Old School RuneScape. This article was meant for players who are still finding their footings and are looking for expert RuneScape tips.

Old School Runescape is a replica of the 2007 version of the game. However, since the launch of Old School RS in 2013, there have been many modifications and additions to the game.

After creating an account, your journey will start at Tutorial Island. All through…

The best thing about playing Old School RuneScape has always been the number of possibilities available to all players. Meaning regardless if you’re a Free-To-Play player (F2P) or a paying RuneScape members, there are dozens of quests, tasks, and missions that you could do to craft your own unique journey.

Whether you plan on becoming the top wizard in all of Gielinor or you plan to defeat the most number of monsters and bosses in the game, or even do both of those things, you have the control to do just that. …


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