How To Be Good At OSRS

The best thing about playing Old School RuneScape has always been the number of possibilities available to all players. Meaning regardless if you’re a Free-To-Play player (F2P) or a paying RuneScape members, there are dozens of quests, tasks, and missions that you could do to craft your own unique journey.

Whether you plan on becoming the top wizard in all of Gielinor or you plan to defeat the most number of monsters and bosses in the game, or even do both of those things, you have the control to do just that. But how do you become good at OSRS to make all those possible?

Do More Quests

Quests are an important part of the game, and whether you like this part or not, it gives you the best chance in leveling your skills faster and acquiring high-tier items fast and easy.

For beginners, we suggest looking at an OSRS Optimal Quest Guide so you can come up with the best strategy in improving your skills while earning gold at the same time.

Come Up With A Good Daily Routine

Whether you are buying Battlestaves from Zaff’s shop to resell in the Grand Exchange for a quick and easy profit or getting free Pure Essence from the Wizard Cromperty, you should have a working daily routine that you can do to make the most of your time playing Old School RuneScape.

Other options you can consider is delivering 84 buckets of sand from Bert in Yanille to your bank, trading 30, 60, 120, or 250 noted flax for bowstrings through the flax keeper in Seer’s Village, or acquire 10, 20, 30, or 50 random free runes from Lundail.

Get More Gold

OSRS GP or OSRS Gold is the most important item in-game that you should never run out of. When it comes to being the best RuneScape player, something they all have in common is they have a good amount of OSRS gold.

You can either strive to earn gold on your own or take the easy route, and the most common way other players power up their character, by buying OSRS gold online.

With gold, you can improve your skills faster, acquire better weapons and armours, and even exchange it to become a RuneScape member.

Invest On RuneScape Membership

Speaking of becoming a RuneScape member, we believe that in order to get the most out of this game you need to have your own membership.

RuneScape members enjoy all sorts of benefits and premium game features that F2P players cannot. For one, members have access to more locations and shortcuts. They can also train and use members-only skills like Agility, Construction, and Farming. Whether or not, they utilize that is up to them, but those skills can make you a good amount of money if used properly.

We hope this OSRS guide can help you reach your in-game goals and help you in your RuneScape journey. Remember to enjoy the process and socialize, this is a multiplayer game and it’s best to enjoy it with your colleagues and friends. We look forward to seeing you in the game.

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