Old School RuneScape Guide For Beginners

Whether you’re trying RuneScape out for the first time or are coming back from a long hiatus to play OSRS again, we’re here to help you get a good start in playing Old School RuneScape. This article was meant for players who are still finding their footings and are looking for expert RuneScape tips.

Old School Runescape is a replica of the 2007 version of the game. However, since the launch of Old School RS in 2013, there have been many modifications and additions to the game.

After creating an account, your journey will start at Tutorial Island. All through your journey on the island, you’ll be taught the basics of many of the Free to Play skills, how to start training them, in addition to some guidance on banking and the game’s interfaces.

Finally, you should have access to high-tier content like Bossing, Raids, and the idea of getting a prestigious skill cape.

The game of Runescape takes place in the land of Gielinor, a medieval world divided into different kingdoms, cities, and regions. It is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game so you have to learn how to socialize and play with fellow RS players.

The best thing about RuneScape is you don’t have a specific path that you need to follow. You can come up with your own path and take on a unique RuneScape journey.

For Free to Play players, you’re given 15 skills out of the overall 23 skills (the other 8 are for RuneScape members only).

With RuneScape membership, you don’t only gain access to more abilities, but you get to enjoy more premium game content like shortcuts, exclusive locations, more quests and minigames, and high-tier OSRS items.

Our Expert Tips For RuneScape Beginners

Train Your OSRS Skills

Skills like Mining, Fishing, Woodcutting, and Cooking are some of the OSRS skills you should focus on as a beginner. These skills can become profitable over time once you hit certain skill levels.

Magic is another skill that you should try training first since this can be beneficial and will allow you to do more quests. When it comes to leveling skills, you need the right equipment and you should know the best locations to train each skill.

If you’re not a fan of spending too much real money on this game, you’re better off buying items online. You just need to find a good and trusted RuneScape item shop to deal with and you should have your needed item with you within a few minutes. The same can be said when you’re trying to buy some OSRS gold.

Do More Quests

RuneScape is popular among gamers for its unique and exciting quests that are available for both F2P players and OSRS members. You can essentially begin a journey by arriving at certain skill levels and having enough OSRS gold to purchase the required gear. Some OSRS quests can be very straightforward while others can be an epic adventure that may require several hours of your time to finish.

RuneScape beginners are advised to take an interest in quests with low prerequisites to start their journey. Some of the best OSRS quests for beginners include Goblin Diplomacy, Waterfall Quest, Rune Mysteries, and Cook’s Assistant.

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