OSRS Barrows Guide For Beginners

The Barrows Brothers were a group of six mythical warriors who defeated Morytania throughout the God Wars, but many players know about them because of their epic armor sets. In RuneScape, they can be found in six burial mounds right alongside the Sanguinesti area of Morytania, where players can snore the tombs and combat ghostly versions of their brothers. In this OSRS Barrows Guide, you will discover how to effectively complete this minigame.

Complete Barrows Guide for OSRS

Barrows brothers struck quite hard and frequently, with Karil and Dharok being the very volatile. That is the reason why prayer is utilized during almost the majority of the struggles, especially if you’re low defense. Since prayer is emptied quickly within the grave, you will likely require a couple sips of prayer potions to get prepared for the toughest struggles.
While it’s a long walk from any lender, there’s presently an immediate teleport in the Arceuus spellbook which produces bank runs extremely fast. Should you lack the necessary magical level, you are still able to use teleport tabs in a slightly higher cost, which will not badly cut into your OSRS gold profit margins.

Best Barrows Kill Count in OSRS

While you can just run right to the torso with quite few kills, the opportunity of obtaining a fantastic fall is rather slender. In the minimum, you’ll have to kill each of six brothers to have a good chance at getting a barrows piece.
As for murdering secondary monsters to pad your kill count, it’s bee confirmed by Jagex moderators that there’s an optimum murder count to really go for and much more is better. Exceeding 20 kills is completely unnecessary, though it’s very good to kill an assortment of animals to affect your rune drops.

OSRS Barrows Gear Setups

Since all 3 strike styles will be utilized, you’ll have to have a blend of magic, array, and/or melee. The four melee brothers are extremely weak to strike harm, making precision less of a problem when considering your equipment installation. Many men and women choose to take damage spells that hit no matter magical equipment, such as Iban’s burst or Trident of the Seas, however any magical charm you can manage will get the job done.

Your stock should mostly include your own spade, runes or Rune Pouch, teleport pills, along with your weapon switches. The remaining part of the stock ought to be earmarked for prayer Crystals, super restores, high-healing meals (such as sharks), and a couple of Saradomin Brews if desired.

These are our recommended equipment setup for Barrows.

OSRS Beginner Setup

Helm of Neitiznot
Proselyte hauberk
Amulet of Glory
Godbook/Dragon Defender
Proselyte Cuisse
Any God Cape/Fire Cape/Ava’s Device
Dragon Boots
Dragon Scimitar and Rune Crossbow and Broad Bolts
Iban’s Staff

Better Setup

Imbued God Cape/Infernal Cape/Ava’s Device
Averic/Dragon Defender or Elysian Spirit Shield
Serpentine Helmet/Helm of Neitiznot
Barrows Tank Top
Imbued Seers/Archer/Berserker Ring
Trident of the seas
Toxic Blowpipe
Abyssal Tentacle
Barrows Tank Bottom
Karil’s Armor or Blessed Dragonhide on switch
Amulet of Fury/Occult Necklace
Primordial Boots

How much money can I earn from Barrows?

It is tough to calculate that amount because gain largely depends on getting the barrows armor as a rare fall, and there’s a good variance between costs. If you’re able to do it using a maxed personality with comparatively high-concentration, which makes more than 1 million gold each hour isn’t out of the question.

You likely should at least possess the Mortaynia Hard Diary finished as it provides raised rune drops by 50%, which creates a substantial quantity of your profit. The Morytania legs also give unlimited teleports into Burgh p Rott, allowing for quicker banking along with a free option to utilizing Barrows tabs.

Go here to get the complete Barrows OSRS Guide.

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