Feb 19, 2021

2 min read

Our Favorite Way Of Making Real Money From RuneScape

Today, I am going to share with you the best way to earn real money from playing our favorite game, RuneScape, or more specifically the Old School version of the game.

Some say that gold farming is not that profitable compared to other money-making methods available in OSRS. However, with hundreds of ways to earn gold in Old School RuneScape, it would be wrong not to try it out.

You also have to consider that gold is the most valuable thing in the game and it has various uses. You can sell OSRS gold online easily and earn a quick profit, but to get considerable profit, you must be able to have at least a billion OSRS gold that will be equivalent to more or less $600 when converted to real-world money.

In our experience, it seems that some methods are easy because they don’t give you as much OSRS GP as those difficult to do tasks would. For beginners, the recommended gold-making method is to kill off Green Dragons in the wilderness. It does not take much time and has very little requirement. Of course, we don’t recommend exchanging the gold you earn here for real-world money.

What you should do is use this gold to purchase better items and improve your character’s skills. This is a great investment that can earn you more OSRS gold in the future.

We also suggest leveling profitable OSRS skills such as smithing and runecrafting. It’s possible to earn millions of gold per hour by simply being great at RuneCrafting. Reaching level 99 RuneCrafting may be difficult but it’s all worth it when you get there.

If you need help leveling Runecrafting in Old School RuneScape, you should check out this OSRS Runecrafting Guide.

Once you gain enough experience in your OSRS skills, you can focus on defeating hard-to-kill monsters that can get you a good amount of OSRS gold per hour.

One great example of this type of monster is Zulrah. it has a low requirement and can earn you anywhere between 2 to 4 million OSRS per hour.

If you have enough gold to sell, all you have to do is head to Probemas and their team will assist you from the start until you receive your payment.